pics of cool things

I love taking pictures especially of things that is random and that is cool. I love taking pics of nature that’s the best in my opinion …. its just so real its the realest thing left to take of….. other pics on here would be of stuff on the internet that is cool … kk keep viewing and commenting


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25 02 2011

so where are they?

26 02 2011

ummm i lost my usb for my phone and i still dont have that camera T_T

1 03 2011

congrats on ur new camera that was considered old and broken at one time! haha…

1 03 2011

Lol yeh thnks but this is from my phone which also has a great camera in it.

5 03 2011

Wow, really beautiful. I like this picture.
Where is this place?

6 03 2011

This is Ny , Staten island , the one with the sunset and the building is on my campus..

10 05 2011

good thing you didnt take a pic of yourself..cause that would not be a pic of “cool things” lol…jk nice pictures..but its spring so take some good ones

11 05 2011

lol yeah cool joke i guess

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