23 02 2012

Woah this is my first Vlog guys. Enjoy. Dont forget to rate comment and subscribe.


When in Rome do as Romans do. When in Riyadh what to do?

17 02 2012

Well its been a while making a post. I did happen to take some pictures. They are on my Facebook and I’am going to post them up now. So, how am I feeling, experiencing a totally different country, culture, and way of life?
Well first off it is very lonely since I have came here alone. There is hardly anything to do here. I usually play in the “Sports Complex” which is like 15 min walk. And basically only thing to do here is eat and sleep. Well I’am the only one over here that I know that doesn’t sleep as much. And I’m serious everyone sleeps through out the day. But I can’t since I wont be able to sleep at night. Its a deal I made with my body. And another deal is to eat half of what I can eat. Unlike everyone else that goes here I ask them to give me a little portion of the food. I have seen a lot of student filling their trays like very high with food and they don’t even finish it. So this helps me not waste food and not over eat. Next, the people over here are nice as I told you they would help you out but the Saudi or the Citizens of this country are very ehh to foreigners. Put it this way foreigners are not allowed to study medical. If your like me walking around the college you will always be stared at. Well this happens in America to me but only when Im driving since I look like a baby. Any who we all have to make sacrifices in this life.

I have also done Umrah Alhumdulilah (Thanks To God). Iam going to join Toastmasters and Im starting to write my “Icebreaker” Wish me luck. Oh yeah and here are some pics.

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The Arrival…

26 01 2012

Hey whats up and Salam to all.
As I wrote in my last post that I was leaving the country to study Religion overseas. So here’s how it went down.
The departure:
Everyone from my house went to drop me off at the airport at about 5:30. We put the bags in and began to wait for the flight. My dad bought us food to eat even though we ate before we left. So it was time to go I was talking to them on the phone while leaving to my gate. Had a few words when I was on the plane. And then take off. I watched “The Smurfs” it was ehh since im not into baby movies. I also watched “transporter 1” , the second part of it ( both which were great movies I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen them) , And elite killer. Yeah I know they all have the same actor in it. Well I like how he fights and how he talks. He sure beats Batman’s voice. Anywho thank God there was nobody sitting next to me so I had three seats to myself. I probably got about a good 2hrs of sleep. The food was half bad. The passengers didn’t make any noise or anything. But there was one things there was a weird funky smell of hot cheese from the people in front of me after they ate. When we were flying over the middle east I saw like black circles on the ground it was crazy there were so many of them I had no clue what they were. Found out that they are wheat circles, well what ever that is. It was very cool seeing the area from that high up. We landed and I got into the airport I saw a sing that says baggage claim. Then I saw like 6 lines with like 50 people in each. I stood in the wrong line then looked around me everyone looked like (no offense) f.o.bs. So I thought for a few mins then went to the bathroom to play it off. came back and stood in the write line. It took about 30 mins over there. Then I picked up my luggage and saw the King Saud University Staff to pick me up. We arrived at the University the car ride had a lot of broken silence. Since the guy doesn’t know English as well and I don’t know Arabic at all. I was site seeing the whole ride. There was a lot  of construction going on due to the fact the University is near the end of Riyadh. I waited for the administrator to give me my key so I can sleep. I went to my room and tried to video chat with the fam in NY but I had very low WiFi signal. Hence this is my temp. room. How am I typing this post you say? Well my friends their are a lot of nice people here, a friend that I met on the first day gave me his laptop since I can just plug the Eternet cable into it.

Its good here, kinda chilly but way better than NY (weather wise). People here are very polite and kind will try to help you if anything happens. The only thing is that there are not so many things to do as there were in Ny. Unless I just don’t know about them. Anyways I didnt begin taking pics yet. But I will soon. And when I change my room I will post them. Okay for now Peace out.

Should I continue???

12 01 2012

These past days ,which feels like weeks due to my lack of visiting WordPress and writing posts, I’ve been tackling my secret plan.
It is in affect thank God. I’ve been very worried that it was taking a very long time to be fulfilled. Now the time has come to reveal it. So I applied to a University in Saudi, Known as King Saud University, for religious studies. First two years I will be studying the Arabic language. Later on I will choose my path for what to become. But I’m arriving into the school if God wills the 24 of Jan, Which is the third and last semester since I couldn’t get in earlier due to my visa problems and so on.
So the big question is should I continue blogging?
Post pictures? Should I start V-logs?(I wanted to do this sooooo bad)

Bad World…

3 01 2012

Why do people steal things?
Sorry I haven’t been able to post anything due to internet problems and due to the lack of free time. Today I’m talking about why people steal things. Some people might steal because they are “poor”. Or maybe because they found a oppertunity to steal or simply it a sick habit. How do I know customers often steal? Simple at the end of the day at Walgreen we have to “face the aisle” (fix them as in moving all the products up to make the selves look full) and we find empty wrappers or boxes.
Some things are just not worth stealing such as Slim Jim’s which are like .88 cent, and candy. I experienced a customer stealing a toaster, yeah a toaster, in front of my face. It was my second day on the job. I just finished the online course about stealing, counting money, company policies, etc. So I come up the elevator with a mop and I see this occasion man wearing a bubble jacket. He was looking around very carefully. It took me time to process that he was trying to steal something. He stuff the toaster with the box into his jacket and just walked really fast to the door. While he was doing this I was thinking to myself what should I do. By the time I figured I should approach him he was out the door. I felt so bad after that moment, I felt like I should have done something. Anyways when we “face” the seasonal aisle (the worst aisle ever invented) I found a stolen Menorah, stolen Hanukkah candles, stolen toys, and stolen lights.
Like why do people have to do this? Why is this world filled with people who steal, cheat and do other horrible things?
I guess if people didn’t do these things it wouldn’t be called Earth right?

I’m Batman!!!

31 12 2011

Today’s the day for my secrect identity to be revealed on wordpress.

My real name is Fozan I revealed it in one of my other post. I live in NYC and I’m 19 years old. Well here are the pics enjoy while they last hahahahahaha.



This is on Black Friday YOU CAN SEE HOW TIRED IAM

The 24th……

22 12 2011

Whats on the 24th you say it Christmas Eve. Well I don’t celebrate it but whoever does happy holidays to you and your family. The real important event for me on the 24th is a MIST exhibition games in Queens. It’s a Basketball tournament we will play 15 game from 3-7pm. It will be pretty intense and I’m so ready for this.

Well there are always issues before doing something right?

My manager put me to work the night shift on Christmas Eve. She also put all the other people who do not celebrate it on 24th and 25th. I asked her for a day off on the 24th because I have a Basketball tournament. She was very happy that I told the truth and didn’t take a sick day. So she said she will find someone to fill me in. But she’s still looking.


If God wills I’ll get that day off and I will be the happiest person. 🙂

I will be playing Power Forward/ Center position. Me and my brother will probably play all 15 games since were nice like that. I will try to get my little brother to record the games since its going to be intense.


My post ends here guys Happy Holidays!