Its been a long time …

21 10 2012

Hey my fellow bloggers… I should not consider myself a blogger because I haven’t written a post in a really long time.

My sister however keeps telling me to write one so here it is.

Yeah I really don’t know what to write about. Same old things going on in my life. I’m back in Saudi Arabia if you guys didn’t already notice that. I tweet more than anything else.

Hey follow me on twitter.

Yeah so I got off topic…Where was I, Oh yeah my life. I’m back to the Saudi Life Style again.

One thing that is new is I am going for Hajj in about two days. It’s a one in a life time experience.

Moving on. I still make videos on YouTube . I am trying to get a English tutoring job. Let us see how that turns out. Yeah this post is not much of what you probably expected but hey its a start.

Okay guys I am really hungry I have to run to the store for some noodles. Have a good day.

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I’ll try to put a picture on every post… So here it is..

Yeah It was amazing =D

Loved yesterdays Breakfast




2 responses

21 10 2012

Great post..finally you got the hang of re reading and correcting your mistakes and grammer! loved the picture…what is it btw? and you write good posts now!!! keep on writing them.

21 10 2012

Thanks …And I forgot the name of the food…its madd good tho

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