Leaving WordPress???

1 04 2012

Hey guys I haven’t wrote a blogs in sooooo long. Maybe thats why my spelling is very off. Anyways I have discovered the magic of Vlogs. Now i’am going to be doing full time Vlogs and no more wordpress.

At first I was kinda nervous on the camera alone and felt like a freak now I’am so used to it. Or maybe I have became into a FREAK!!!!

Anyways I found out that I’m Batman.

Watch my Videos Tell me anything wrong and anything that I should add. Let me know if I should keep going with wordpress.


For my pictures of Saudi either add me as a friend


or you can like my page

Like ME

I’m on my 7th Vlog or should I say Flog?

Okay Thats not funny. Anyways be sure to





New videos every 2-3 days a week!!!!




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