When in Rome do as Romans do. When in Riyadh what to do?

17 02 2012

Well its been a while making a post. I did happen to take some pictures. They are on my Facebook and I’am going to post them up now. So, how am I feeling, experiencing a totally different country, culture, and way of life?
Well first off it is very lonely since I have came here alone. There is hardly anything to do here. I usually play in the “Sports Complex” which is like 15 min walk. And basically only thing to do here is eat and sleep. Well I’am the only one over here that I know that doesn’t sleep as much. And I’m serious everyone sleeps through out the day. But I can’t since I wont be able to sleep at night. Its a deal I made with my body. And another deal is to eat half of what I can eat. Unlike everyone else that goes here I ask them to give me a little portion of the food. I have seen a lot of student filling their trays like very high with food and they don’t even finish it. So this helps me not waste food and not over eat. Next, the people over here are nice as I told you they would help you out but the Saudi or the Citizens of this country are very ehh to foreigners. Put it this way foreigners are not allowed to study medical. If your like me walking around the college you will always be stared at. Well this happens in America to me but only when Im driving since I look like a baby. Any who we all have to make sacrifices in this life.

I have also done Umrah Alhumdulilah (Thanks To God). Iam going to join Toastmasters and Im starting to write my “Icebreaker” Wish me luck. Oh yeah and here are some pics.

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6 responses

17 02 2012

‘Sport complex” …LOL sounds like a personality condition

20 02 2012

Lol it is lol

20 02 2012

You can play a guitar if you don’t have anything to do besides eat and sleep. 😀

20 02 2012

I will try to learn it 🙂

25 02 2012
The Hook

Great shots!

25 02 2012

Thanks A Lot

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