The Arrival…

26 01 2012

Hey whats up and Salam to all.
As I wrote in my last post that I was leaving the country to study Religion overseas. So here’s how it went down.
The departure:
Everyone from my house went to drop me off at the airport at about 5:30. We put the bags in and began to wait for the flight. My dad bought us food to eat even though we ate before we left. So it was time to go I was talking to them on the phone while leaving to my gate. Had a few words when I was on the plane. And then take off. I watched “The Smurfs” it was ehh since im not into baby movies. I also watched “transporter 1” , the second part of it ( both which were great movies I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen them) , And elite killer. Yeah I know they all have the same actor in it. Well I like how he fights and how he talks. He sure beats Batman’s voice. Anywho thank God there was nobody sitting next to me so I had three seats to myself. I probably got about a good 2hrs of sleep. The food was half bad. The passengers didn’t make any noise or anything. But there was one things there was a weird funky smell of hot cheese from the people in front of me after they ate. When we were flying over the middle east I saw like black circles on the ground it was crazy there were so many of them I had no clue what they were. Found out that they are wheat circles, well what ever that is. It was very cool seeing the area from that high up. We landed and I got into the airport I saw a sing that says baggage claim. Then I saw like 6 lines with like 50 people in each. I stood in the wrong line then looked around me everyone looked like (no offense) So I thought for a few mins then went to the bathroom to play it off. came back and stood in the write line. It took about 30 mins over there. Then I picked up my luggage and saw the King Saud University Staff to pick me up. We arrived at the University the car ride had a lot of broken silence. Since the guy doesn’t know English as well and I don’t know Arabic at all. I was site seeing the whole ride. There was a lot  of construction going on due to the fact the University is near the end of Riyadh. I waited for the administrator to give me my key so I can sleep. I went to my room and tried to video chat with the fam in NY but I had very low WiFi signal. Hence this is my temp. room. How am I typing this post you say? Well my friends their are a lot of nice people here, a friend that I met on the first day gave me his laptop since I can just plug the Eternet cable into it.

Its good here, kinda chilly but way better than NY (weather wise). People here are very polite and kind will try to help you if anything happens. The only thing is that there are not so many things to do as there were in Ny. Unless I just don’t know about them. Anyways I didnt begin taking pics yet. But I will soon. And when I change my room I will post them. Okay for now Peace out.




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26 01 2012

glad to see you have not quit blogging. Still waiting for your Vlogs that you were talking about. I hope you succeed in your studies there and do not get distracted. I was cool talking to you via webcam. Hope you get to your permanent room quick. LOL@ you going to the bathroom to avoid looking like a f.o.b as well haha. We can’t wait to see the pics.

i thought you were a huge fan of baby movies.

27 01 2012

Lol I still gotta take pics. Thanks

26 01 2012

Great to hear your settled in, good luck.

27 01 2012

Thanks man I gotta tell you , You know The Office us version you look like Creed a bit.

27 01 2012

Wooww!! You’re here already! yeah, the crop circles, I remember watching a documentary in class about them. If I remember correctly, a couple decades ago, some country (forgot which) that was the chief supplier of wheat to Saudi Arabia threatened to cut it off, which scared the bejeezus outta the king, who ordered those giant crop circles to be built in the middle of the desert in an effort to be more self-sufficient. They’re pretty cool, with overhead irrigation sprays and stuff. Can’t believe I remember all that, all the way back from like 3rd grade or something.
As for the ‘change’ yo’re feeling, you’ll feel it more. Some people automatically love it there, and some people (the ones who come from more busy and ‘happening’ places of the world) find it boring. I grit my teeth when they go on and on about it. I’ll warn you know, you aren’t allowed to insult it of you’re not from there. Yeah, that’s a rule. 🙂
kidding…ok, only half. lol
You just stay busy and seek solace in webchatting with your family and sharing your thoughts via this blog. Will def keep up. If there’s anything you are curious about (about Saudi culture, or what dudes do here to pass the time, or why there are so many FOBs) I’ll be happy to answer to my admittedly limited knowledge. Good luck, Fozan!

27 01 2012

Lol at the rule. Thanks for the info on those circles.Thanks Jawa and I was wondering about what there is to do near this university. Thanks again.

30 01 2012

Glad to see your updates! 😀

6 02 2012


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