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3 01 2012

Why do people steal things?
Sorry I haven’t been able to post anything due to internet problems and due to the lack of free time. Today I’m talking about why people steal things. Some people might steal because they are “poor”. Or maybe because they found a oppertunity to steal or simply it a sick habit. How do I know customers often steal? Simple at the end of the day at Walgreen we have to “face the aisle” (fix them as in moving all the products up to make the selves look full) and we find empty wrappers or boxes.
Some things are just not worth stealing such as Slim Jim’s which are like .88 cent, and candy. I experienced a customer stealing a toaster, yeah a toaster, in front of my face. It was my second day on the job. I just finished the online course about stealing, counting money, company policies, etc. So I come up the elevator with a mop and I see this occasion man wearing a bubble jacket. He was looking around very carefully. It took me time to process that he was trying to steal something. He stuff the toaster with the box into his jacket and just walked really fast to the door. While he was doing this I was thinking to myself what should I do. By the time I figured I should approach him he was out the door. I felt so bad after that moment, I felt like I should have done something. Anyways when we “face” the seasonal aisle (the worst aisle ever invented) I found a stolen Menorah, stolen Hanukkah candles, stolen toys, and stolen lights.
Like why do people have to do this? Why is this world filled with people who steal, cheat and do other horrible things?
I guess if people didn’t do these things it wouldn’t be called Earth right?




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3 01 2012

Please allow me to speak my mind here, 😀
Would you ever consider to think in a different angle, like this: “Why would my daily life sometimes filled with people who steal, cheat and do horrible things?” and “Why would I always encounter those people who do horrible things?” 😀 The point to let you meet those people is always a gift for you to understand something.

3 01 2012

Great point ristinw

3 01 2012
the island traveler

I would understand if people still may be once so they can feed a starving child or medicine for a sick or dying family but for an evil person to do it again and again inflicting pain and undue trauma to the victim, unforgivable! Unfortunately the world is full of them. Even people who you treat as family or friends will steal from you…charge to experience. But because of them we are better and more cautious person. God sees all. Justice will come when it’s time. And those who chose to stand on the good side, will have the last laugh….a huge one! Great post my friend.

3 01 2012

Thans for the awsome comment .
Is so true.
Thanks man

3 01 2012

I think most people steal items to sell on to get a few pounds to help them out or maybe worse, buy drugs.

4 01 2012

so true and those ppl who ask for money spend it on drugs as well

3 01 2012

yea I agree stealing is bad!.

and embarrassing if you get caught! LOL slim jims haha

4 01 2012

word to big bird.

4 01 2012
The British Asian Blog

In my view, stealing has many motives behind it. Depending on the type of person or age the thief is – they have different motives. Kids/Children may well do it for fun, show off or to impress someone, Teenagers/Adults may well do it to fund a habit, a need or simply just can’t afford to buy it – or in most cases its just a habit of doing it.

It’s a terrible thing to do, and does generally lead to worse things. The worst thing about it all is, the victim. The victim (if a person) suffers tremendously and does impact their trusting of other people.

4 01 2012

Sooo true. Thanks for your comment

4 01 2012
Princess Laila

I’ve known a few thieves in my time. They are all just greedy sad people with mental disorders and social issues. God help them.

5 01 2012


6 01 2012
The Hook

You could spend the rest of your days examining the human condition, my friend. Evil exists, yes. But good will always be there to counter it.

6 01 2012

So true. I should be a vigilantly.

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