The 24th……

22 12 2011

Whats on the 24th you say it Christmas Eve. Well I don’t celebrate it but whoever does happy holidays to you and your family. The real important event for me on the 24th is a MIST exhibition games in Queens. It’s a Basketball tournament we will play 15 game from 3-7pm. It will be pretty intense and I’m so ready for this.

Well there are always issues before doing something right?

My manager put me to work the night shift on Christmas Eve. She also put all the other people who do not celebrate it on 24th and 25th. I asked her for a day off on the 24th because I have a Basketball tournament. She was very happy that I told the truth and didn’t take a sick day. So she said she will find someone to fill me in. But she’s still looking.


If God wills I’ll get that day off and I will be the happiest person. 🙂

I will be playing Power Forward/ Center position. Me and my brother will probably play all 15 games since were nice like that. I will try to get my little brother to record the games since its going to be intense.


My post ends here guys Happy Holidays!




9 responses

22 12 2011

I’ll fill in for you! lol

23 12 2011

Lol in your dreams.

23 12 2011

I love the fat penguin! Merry Christmas to you and to your family!!!

23 12 2011

You too Enjoy it.

23 12 2011
the island traveler

I wish you will be off on that day. The 24th can be a lot of things to a lot of people. What matters is that you celebrate life and the things that make you happy. The game definitely can bring out the best in you. Have an awesome holiday …..

23 12 2011

Yeah I went today and asked her again and she gave it to me but when I’m done with the game I have to come to work.
Thats fair.
Happy holidays to you as well.

23 12 2011
The Hook

Enjoy yourself, my young blogging friend!

23 12 2011

Thanks Hook.
And Happy Holidays to you.

26 12 2011

Merry be-lated xmas holiday enjoy the new year.

Would like to vote for me here please,Harry.

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