19 12 2011

I Hate Phone/Cable companies.

Yeah I know its a bad start but I really do. I was without the internet since Friday. Today I’m sitting in the library typing this post up.

So, yesterday I came home from work they called me in to work so after basketball I went to work till 12:30. I came home and was talking to my sisters (Eva, and Annam) about the things that happened during my shift.

I was changing the garbage in Walgreen and I was out of Black bags and I paged (Were you speak onto the loudspeaker) Tom (the short shift leader with tattoos all over his arm and never cracks a smile untill near the end of the day).

Fox@n: “Tom 231 please”

No reply for Tom since he was talking to someone in the Office.

Fox@n: “Should I try to page him again?”

Amanda (Short Emoish type of girl) : “Lemme try, Tom call 231 please Tom call 231”

No Reply again……

Fox@n: “Tom call 2 tree 1 (I crack up into the mic) My bad Tom call 231”

He comes up after 20 minutes and hands me a box of bags from the selves…..Figures. Thru out that day I was told about a stress reliever within the store.


We would take a bag of Reese’s or Russell Stover and squeeze them. To be honest at first I thought it was messed up but then after squeezing my first Reese’s bag it was amazing feeling the peanut butter get stuck onto the bag.

So now mostly all the workers are letting me in on their secrets. Mike (the guy in a Band) tells me about a game.

Mike: “Have they told you about the game”

Fox@n: “What game?”

Mike: “You know hiding all the products behind other things”


Great things are going on in Walgreen. I’m really enjoying the job.

OH yeah for those who don’t know I’m revealing my identity on the 30th and deleting it the next day so stay tuned. And if you want to join say it in the comments.




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20 12 2011

net’s back on!

21 12 2011


22 12 2011
The Hook

Awesome post, my friend! I’ll stay tuned…

22 12 2011


5 01 2012
the island traveler

So that’s why my Reeses were all squeezed up! Ha, ha, ha…. Stress release is important. Keeps us sane. As for the internet service, happened to me too. Have a great weekend!

6 01 2012

Lol You too man.

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