Who says?….

15 12 2011

What makes one immature?
Who is one to decide?
I belive I can be immature at times in the house but not outside. I also believe to be immature is how you speak. Outside I’am just me. Some of the things I say even at work.

  • Mad
  • As in, there’s mad stuff in aisle 4.
  • Stuff
  • Things
  • Whats up?
  • Yo
  • Ight or aie
  • I gotch you

Things said during basketball games.

  • In your mouth
  • Oh De Doe (Bob my tenant made it up, sounded cool and it just stuck)
  • Swag
  • Random screaming

Things I even say in the house.

  • Bro (even said to my sisters)
  • Son
  • Ugly
  • Dummy
  • Loser
  • Ethnic Backgrounds that do not match with who I’am talking to

So i guess thats my vocabulary used mostly everyday. The things I say shouldn’t consier me immature or the fact that I’m 19 and I don’t have facial hair. It should just be how I act around people I don’t know. It’s a known fact that everyone will goof around with people they know.
That’s just me. How bout you what do you think makes one immature?




13 responses

15 12 2011
The Hook

Keep your Inner Child alive forever, I always say!

16 12 2011

Will do Hook will do.

15 12 2011
Jamie Dedes

Long live Inner Child.
Nice post …

16 12 2011

Thanks a lot. Keep dropping by

16 12 2011

Keeping an inner child within us is important, so we don’t lose hope and the smile on our face as we grow up. However, maturity is essential too, it helps us to deal with problems and situations in life. ^^ I want both! Being immature at cheerful and playful things but at the same time being mature at some serious situations. 😀

16 12 2011

So true Ristinw

16 12 2011

yea its so weird how you act in front of other people and at home…its like two different people!

19 12 2011

Split personality lol

19 12 2011
the island traveler

Some of these I’m already familiar with but the other one’s I’m trying to assimilate. I caught my son calling me “dude” one day. Hmmm…
Bro seems a cool universal word. Not to our boxes though , right ?

19 12 2011

LOl yeah true.
Boxes? OR Bosses?

19 12 2011
the island traveler

I meant not to our boses though…… boxes and boses kinda rhymes.

19 12 2011

JUST read this lol . Yeah I dont know it just slips

23 12 2011
Thanh Barrom

Would love to forever get updated great site ! .

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