Day #2

7 12 2011

Hey guys I got a couple of thins today since I was working yesterday. So first off I was fasting yesterday and we had to open it at 4:30pm and my job started at 5:00pm so I quikly at a date, and an apple. Then I prayed and left the house. Notice I didn’t eat anything. I arrived at Walgreen and the manager said you came on the wrong day. OMG . And on the first day she was telling me how important it is to come on time etc. I was so dumb how could that have happened. Then she told me to say, I did the register for the rest of the day. Through-out the night there are crazy customers. This old lady comes up into my register, OF COURSE RIGHT, makes me scan up to $50 worth of things.

One thing I have to tell you before I continue people spend a lot of money there. AND I mean a lot.

So she went and swiped her credit card and then the register asked for the billing Zip Code.

I asked for it and she said “No why do you need it”

“The computer is asking for it” I replied. I know how to handle “dummies” like her.

“If you know it why dont you just put it?” she screamed.

“We don’t know it thats why we are asking.” I said

She said “Put 0000 or 1111”. I was laughing my brains out.

So for about five minutes she was argueing not to give the Zip Code and then she was going to walk out with the bags and we grab them. We got the manager up and the lady was told it was because she was using American Express and the credit card company wants to know if it was your credit card. Then she paid for it in cash.

Like Jeesh you can’t just give your 5 digit Zip Code. Ignorant people now a days. And you know that show about coupons there was this lady that actually gave me 20 of them for 4 items. We told her each coupon is for one item. She went back and picked up the amount she needed.

My stomach was going crazy near this time. I looked at the clock and it read 8:00pm. I said I’ll wait until the manager tells me to take my 15 mins. Guess what she never said it. I arrivved home at 11:00pm and my mom made chinese food. I ate so much of it.

WAIT its not over yet.

I went to my bed and my ear was killing me. I traced back my steps and I cleaned my ears with those evil Q-tips. Man I hardly use those things. I tried to sleep with it for about 2 hours. Then I heated up some oil and put it in the ear. All better and I went fast asleep.

Well thats day 2.




10 responses

8 12 2011

Great post!! Old ladies and their memory. They should keep info like that on a piece of paper..

8 12 2011

LOL she just didn’t want to give the Zip Code.

8 12 2011

Ugh, I remember doing that too–going in on the wrong day. Then somehow I always got stuck working anyways, like you did. Guess that means money though! Sorry about the crazy customers.

8 12 2011

I guess dumb customers come in the contract.

8 12 2011
The Hook

People rock, right? Hang in there, buddy!

9 12 2011

I’m trying not to lose it.

9 12 2011

I feel hungry. Reading this made me hungrier. I was fasting a few days ago, and I had to continuously shout at a classroom full of rowdy kids ALL DAY. My god…I almost cried. But you know what? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I KNOW now how to control them…I think…:/

9 12 2011

Lol I’m sorry.
Good Luck with those children.

9 12 2011
Princess Laila

Sounds to me like the lady wasn’t using her own Amex might even have been stolen and that’s why she couldn’t give zip code. Probably that’s why Amex requested it.

9 12 2011

Yes your absolutely correct.
We explained to her that’s why we asked for it. She said she didn’t want anything sent to her home.
But we can’t even send anything by only the Zip Code.

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