The Good and the Bad….

5 12 2011

I haven’t been able to write posts for the past week due to some Good/Bad News.

Ill let you know the news from Bad to Good, so you can digest it.

Here’s the bad.

  • I’m out of money since I quit Dunkin Donuts mid September.
  • I found a New job three days ago and started working last Friday. That sounds like good news but the worst part is I won’t have time to Write anymore post 😦
  • My tenants are moving (that guy named BOB in one of my post) so we need to find someone else.
  • My new job has no tip jar.
  • No more free food.

Now here’s the good.

  • Obviously I found a job which was stated above. *Hint- Walgreen’s *
  • More Posts about customer service.
  • My co-workers are better than the Dunkin Crew members. Ill name three reasons. First off, They are not the same ethnic background so there won’t be anymore talking in a different language thing going on. Second, The people here are way more happy and love working here. Last but not least, They pay 8.50/hr starting, I’m not even going to tell you how much I got payed at Dunkin Donuts cause that was just embarrassing.
  • NO MORE BOREDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so now I work at Walgreen. I got the job within two days. Crazy right. My friend that worked with me at Dunkin worked at Walgreen as well. So when I quit Dunkin Donuts he offered me a job at Walgreen and I rejected, because I was not sure if my SECRET PLAN was going to take place. Then I called him one day in Nov and told him I need a job. He happly told the manager and she gave me one. Before that I had to fill out applications and the tests on the stores computer. About six times I was mistaken for a worker. I guess I’m one of those guys.

The co-workers are awesome their nice and have that attitude that they want to work. EXCEPT one guy named Tom. He’s the night manager. Even though I’ve only worked one day so far he always has this mean and angry face on. Even at the register. There’s this one guy named Mike hes healthy (in Pakistani terminology it means fat) with long hair. He walked passed the counter and the girl that was training me said “he’s in a band”. LOL. He’s really cool with everything he works at the photo area. The person training me at the register called herself a “Goof-ball”, I guess that’s all for her. There’s a lot of other people but I haven’t worked and talked with them yet.

The uniform consist of a blue collared shirt and dress pants. I’m cool with any type of uniform as long as it does not included a HAT. What else oh yeah, I get a mean employees discount off the products over there. The breaks are actually timed. Unlike Dunkin it was like if your hungry eat but when there’s a line your break is over. The breaks are 15 mins to 30 mins.

The stock room is HUGE. Did I mention BENEFITS!!!!!!!!

Hence, this is one cool job.





16 responses

5 12 2011
The Hook

See? Things are looking up , after all!
The sky’s the limit, man! Whatever that means!

5 12 2011


5 12 2011

Congratulations on the new job. Donuts are good and sweet, but they’re bad for the tush … the plus side is definitely the employee discount! 🙂

5 12 2011

Deffinitly donuts are really bad. What amkes them worst is the environment they are in.
Thanks Lafemmeroar

5 12 2011
Becoming Bitter

Congrats Fox. I’m happy that you’re happy.
Glad to see the good outweighs the bad.

Crap…did I just say that? Well whatever.

I want to use my “Get out of character” pass right now.

5 12 2011

LOL i feel you. Thanks Bitter.

5 12 2011
Becoming Bitter

I forgot to add something…

It’s great that you’re getting the ‘face to face’ stuff you wanted so badly.

6 12 2011

Lol omg i was literally cracking up. I love meetingew ppl .

5 12 2011

That’s great you found a new job, looks like things are looking up my friend. 🙂 So glad to hear that you like your new co-workers. x

6 12 2011

Thanks Caroline I appreciate your comment 🙂

6 12 2011

yay, more work posts…this was a funny one. COngrats on the job bro.
ima come there and you better give me a discount!

7 12 2011

Lol brown ppl always looking for their discounts. Ha just tell me what you want and ill get it for you. Its not D.d that you can give discounts

7 12 2011
the island traveler

I’m happy for you. It helps a lot to have that pays better and that you enjoy doing. And co-workers matter a lot! Happy holidays…

7 12 2011

Thanks Island Traveler.

8 12 2011

Good to hear that you get a new job! 😀

8 12 2011

Thanks XD

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