Tea at the deli…

29 11 2011

I work at my Mom’s Upholstery store umm about everyday. So yesterday I had to open/strip a sofa. After that was over I went to get some tea for my mom and myself. There’s a deli right next to the store including a barber shop and a pizzeria, oh yeah and Subway. Its one of those busy streets. In our old location we also had these types of stores located near the shop. I searched the store for some lose change found two bucks out of that sofa. There are two chairs next to the tea/coffee area in the deli. When I walked in I saw two people occupying those chairs, hence blocking my way. I observed them the one to the left was a lady wearing a worn out coat and dirty sweats, the person in the right was wearing a denim jacket and ripped jeans (typical deli loiterers). I didn’t want to be rude and barge into the corner so I waited until they noticed me. Obviously they didn’t notice me they were staring into the t.v in front of them. I turned to the t.v and saw lotto numbers on the screen. Then

I said “EXCUSE ME” and the lady moved her chair about 7”.

It was still a tight fit I was making the tea and found there was no more milk. I checked the cabinet under the area. It was nowhere to be found.

The lady said to the guy “What’s this guy doing?”.

The owner his name is Bonne (in Hindi it means a midget that’s why I remember his name hehe) a Indian father. He knows me well, he should know me since I come everyday just like the pizza guy.

He said “Milk? It is over here”

I went there and grabbed it before the lady moves her chair again. I begin making my tea, meanwhile those two people where still watching the numbers. Then the lady hears some numbers she played a day ago and gets sad.

“I played those yesterday, you know that really hurts.” the lady said.

This is what brings me to today’s topic.


Why do people play it? I’ve always thought what a dumb way to spend your money.  And its always those people I have described above. Even if its a buck your still wasting it everyday. I’ve seen people buying $30 worth of “tickets”. And I just ask myself why? I’m pretty sure the company that does the lotto make twice or even three times the money their giving. I think it just ruins your life just like all the others things, such as

  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Gambling

I just dont’ get it maybe I will never get the feeling or thrill of gambling, a.k.a easy way to waste your money. Thanks for reading.




15 responses

30 11 2011

None of the things listed above are cup of my tea. ^-^ I’d rather spend time playing instrument, taking some photos or reading a book.

30 11 2011

Hehe yeah I have some interest in photography as well.

30 11 2011

I agree. Lotteries are stupid. I find it insulting that they’d assume we’d want to blow our money that foolishly, but apparently there are tons of people who do fall for that crap. It’s simple rule of probability, you ain’t gonna win. Back in 6th grade I remember studying about probability in Math class. Our teacher told us about casino games and made us compute the chances of winning. It was definitely surprising at that time. Then at the end of the unit, we all had a ‘fake casino’ held in our class. Kids from other classes were handed 100 bucks (play money) at the door, and they’d ALL loose it on our games. LOL, *memories*

30 11 2011

“you ain’t gonna win.”
That sound like soo much fun lol. I used to play cards with skittles or candy bars it was fun but at the end I have the most candy. XD

30 11 2011

LOL at his name. and gambling and loiters are both dumb. If they loiter around most of the time, how do they get the money to play the lotto? ???

btw great post!

30 11 2011

I know right.

30 11 2011
The Hook

Thanks for writing such a great post!

30 11 2011

Really think so I guess I’m getting better at writing . THANKS HOOK

1 12 2011

I was at the gas station today and the woman in front of me spent $10 on lottery tickets … I hope she wins. People gamble for the rush … but the lottery is rather boring isn’t it?

1 12 2011

Yeah definitely.

1 12 2011

Bonne is Hindi for midget? Like seriously? I have to brush up on my Hindi again!!

I used to be quite the poker player back in the day, so it never really was a waste of money for me 😛

1 12 2011

Lol yeah i prob spelled it a bit wrong . How bout the lottery

1 12 2011
Becoming Bitter

I don’t need any muggle lottery. I’m already rich. You’ve seen my mansion Fox. Though some of my close relative used to play it for fun. They were never serious about it though.

Any who… hope you liked my 12 Days of Bloody, Bitter Christmas Fox. Look forward to the upcoming Days. *evil laughter*

1 12 2011

Yes i’am looking forward 2 it. Thanks Bitter

25 12 2011
Jose Page z

In this time of economic uncertainty, we find that many more people are taking food to work, rather than spend money eating out.

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