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11 11 2011

Yesterday was another boring day at home. My brother and I were just laying down doing nothing besides watching “Phineas and Ferb”. My little brother went out at about 3:00pm to play basketball at the College of Staten Island’s courts with his friends. I started to download some movies to watch later that day. I was walking around the house and then I looked out side the window and I saw a massive amount of birds on everyone’s lawn it reminded me of “Day After Tomorrow”. I quickly ran down stairs and picked up my camera. Then ran outside and saw that the birds were everywhere. They looked like crows. I took two videos but one I deleted by mistake thinking it was a picture (Face Palm). And I tried to take some picture but some were blurry.

You guys know why they where so many birds on 11/10/11?


What kind of birds they where?

And the video I put on Youtube is right down here.






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12 11 2011

dude, that’s a lot of birds. Wanna know something freakier? You hear about the effects of global warming blah blah, but a couple of years ago something really freaky happened in my town. No one noticed, or cared, but it freaked me out. There are loads of mango trees around here (in Saudi) In people’s backyards, on the sides of the road, random places. Some of these trees get so heavy with fruit THAT NO ONE WANTS that they literally droop down from the weight. So yeah, we got sent mangoes from family friends who had more than they could handle every year. My dad makes a kick-ass chutney from the raw ones. Anyhow, one year there were NO MANGOES. None. Not in a single tree in the entire city. I think they’re back now, but not in as much force as they used to be. Which is weird ’cause the climate here hasn’t changed a bit.
As for your birds, you have a lot of nature stuff goin on there, maybe its just a migration thing?

12 11 2011

Cool story. I enjoy reading your comments. Yeah I guess its the migration thing. But I still cannot decided what kind of bird that was.

12 11 2011
The Hook

Very cool!

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