Not Cool……

9 11 2011

As you know by now I’m a Basketball player. Like I love to play basketball. These days I play for like about five hours a day. Some times I go to a school yard or sometimes I go to Jcc. When I went to play Basketball at Jcc the other day, we were kicked out of the basketball courts. There are two floors in Jcc and both of them have a basketball courts. The bottom floor has a bigger one than the top. So that day we arrived at Jcc and the bottom floor was having a game and it was full till closing. So we went upstairs, I gotta admit it was fun playing ball that day until we got kicked out. Some people came in and told us we have 15 mins to leave because they have rented the floor out till the end of the night. It was 8:45pm at the moment, the bottom floor is also occupied.

My point is that Jcc should not let both of the floors be rented at the same time! I literately pay $130 a month for that membership and if I cannot play till 11:00pm I don’t know whats fair. I’m thinking of filling a complaint but I cannot find their email address. So if this happens next time I think I might consider suing. Like C’MON we pay money too how can you just kick us out and what if I lived far away and took some buses to get there and they say its closed I’m pretty sure I would be upset. I’ll let you be the judges for this one.

Am I right or wrong? And what should I do?




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9 11 2011
The Hook

You’re definitely right! Fight for what you believe in, my friend.

9 11 2011

Thanks man I thought I was going crazy

9 11 2011

sue them silly kid ! lol

10 11 2011
the island traveler

Your right , that wasn’t fair. I hope you find a way to complain. Not all companies are pro-customer and it needs to be addressed. $130 is expensive and they better give what they promise. great post!

10 11 2011

Yeah I gotta stand up or nothings going to happen. Thanks for stopping by.

10 11 2011
Becoming Bitter

You should make a complaint, but don’t waste money pushing the issue. I can’t play basket ball to save my life. I’m a science nerd. Well hopefully everything will out for you – just pray.

10 11 2011

Thanks for the advice I will surely do it.

12 11 2011

Take advantage of the system, you American!!!:)
Here, they’d shrug and ‘take it into consideration’…indefinitely lol

12 11 2011

I’m just waiting for the right time.

16 11 2011
stamp price

i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

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