Though Decision ………….

6 11 2011

Yesterday It was a fairly fun day.My brother, tenant and I decided to play basketball at Jcc (Jewish Community Center). Since my brother and I had a pass and my tenant did not we had to get him in the hard way. They have these cards for Jcc that you have to swipe to get in and when you do it shows your picture on the screen. I gave my tenant my little brothers card to use. So we arrived at Jcc and we planned to get him in first so that we would swipe right after so the “guards” wont notice.

(Lets call my tenant Bob, its easier that way)

Okay so Bob tried to swipe since its his first time he misses and starts to walk the “guard” asks him to swipe again and doesn’t notice his face and Wam were in. We played for a good two hours.

But that’s not what I came to talk about. I’m a Muslim and we pray five times a day. And at around 6:00pm the fourth prayer begins and we have to pray it quickly or we will miss it. I look at the time after we finished our game and it was 6:05.

Me: C’mon guys we have to go home it 6:05

Bob: But i don’t want to I feel like today’s the day. I feel good.

Bro: Yeah were already like a few minutes late

Me: Just come home we have to pray it the right thing to do

Bob: We could just pray over here

Bro: (joining with Bob) yeah we could and then play another game

Me: How are we suppose to do that this is a Jewish Community Center and they don’t even have a Chapel.

(short story we went to drop my parents off to the airport and the had a Chapel we prayed there it was cool)

Bob & Bro trying to convince not to go

Me: I’m leaving with the car if you want to come , come right now or I’m out of here

Bob: Ugh I wanted to play

Bro: okay wait I’m coming

(We arrived home)

Bro: Good choice

That moment at Jcc was a test which we passed. Instead of playing basketball we went home and prayed. THE RIGHT THING TO DO





7 responses

6 11 2011

eid mubarak!

6 11 2011

To you as well Sis.

6 11 2011
The Hook

Grteat post! I applaud the fine example you’ve set, my friend!

6 11 2011

Thanks but Bob was still telling me that we should have stayed ….

7 11 2011

oh that bob

10 11 2011

Wow, this is so me! Seriously, it’s such a blessing to even have the sense and hidaayah to know how important it is to pray all five times. It’s kind of sad to see how easy people take it, and living in Sausi Arabia, it’s astonishing to see how many pakistani people don’t pray at all. Seriously, I don’t know you, but I give you a pat on the back 😛

10 11 2011

Wow they dont pray in Saudi even with the Prayer Police? Thanks for stopping by.

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