The Office

5 11 2011

I ❤ The Office. The first time I saw it I was like "What is this, Steve Carell is acting madd dumb" (the Boss). So then a few months ago my sister told me to watch it so I was like okay……I downloaded one season at a time and got hooked. Since I was starting from the beginning there were a lot of episodes (now in season 8 waiting for more). If you haven't watched it it is really funny the characters are just amazing in the show.
My Favorite Characters are:
1. The Boss: Micheal Scott (Steve Carell)
2. Sales Rep: Jim (John Krasinski)
3. Sales Rep: Dwight (Rainn Wilson)
4. Temp: Rian (B.J. Novak)
5. Accountant: Kevin (Brian Baumgartner)

All these characters are amazing. Must watch show.
Let me know if you have any ideas on a show to watch since I have to wait for new episodes. Thanks




7 responses

5 11 2011

you should watch modern family. its funny! …

or even better, you should watch chopped!!!!

5 11 2011

Ahem i watch chopped some times im into comedy and modern family isnt funny to me

5 11 2011
The Hook

I’m not a fan, but it’s a HUGE hit, so maybe I should give it a try. Thanks!

8 11 2011

I’ve always like “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” But if you’re feeling like horror (don’t know if this is your thing) then “American Horror Story” is a good bet. It’s sexy and scary.

9 11 2011

I will try it thanks

16 11 2011

well, I think 30 Rock is pretty good but it’s not as funny as The Office. I would recommend “How I met your mother.”

16 11 2011

Thanks 4 yr comment and ill give it a try

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