Trick or Treat

1 11 2011

Yesterday my friend, brother, other brother, and I went to trick or treat. I bought a mask so nobody knows who Iam since im 19 years old. My brothers were making fun of me for wearing a mask but at the end the mask always gets more candy.

This Halloween was weird like I mean we haven’t went for about seven or eight years but every year it seemed more alive than this one. Nobody was on the streets and nobody was opening their door. Even my neighbor I went to give him some cake and he wasn’t opening his door so I texted him to see if he was home he said “I though you were trick or treaters” ….. Near the end two other friends joined us just because they wanted some chocolate.

Some of the treats were weird and the rest were just blah so here a list.

Worst treats:

  1. Bananas
  2. Juice boxes
  3. Fake candy
  4. Mints
  5. One Jellybean
Best treats:
  1. Bag of chips
  2. Name Brand Candy
Since I was wearing a mask I got the most candy but it wasn’t that much maybe about two days worth. One house dumped their whole basket into my bag. I was carrying a Jansport backpack (a lady said that was smart).
Of course I have a picture . Overall it was blah .

I ate the chips . I was hungry




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1 11 2011


1 11 2011
Jackie Paulson (Author)

Worst treats:

Juice boxes
Fake candy
One Jellybean
Best treats:
Bag of chips
Name Brand Candy
Great post
when I was your age my favorite house had Cans of Pop
my parents wouldn’t let us have any…

2 11 2011


3 11 2011

What is fake candy? Is it plastic made to look like candy?

4 11 2011

lol no its just not name brand .. like stuff you’ll never hear of.

5 11 2011
The Hook

Glad you had fun! Don’t get a tummy ache!

10 11 2011

Pennies are also bad. I remember old people used to give them to me.

11 11 2011

Yeah I feel you once i got dimes and this year a lady was trying to give us a quarter each….

15 11 2011
the island traveler

Somebody gave away bananas? May be they were out of candies or got scared of the mask? Cool mask though. I wish there was trick or treat when I was younger. I get to do that now with my son. What a great excuse, huh? Looks like a fun night for you…. As for the candies people need to give more chocolates. My favorite are reese’s pieces and almond joy…I’m crazy over coco! Fun post! Till next ‘s years Halloween.

15 11 2011

Yeah it was okay in the level of fun if compared to Halloween during my childhood. I like reese’s as well. And I guess people are just cheap in my neighborhood.

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