Great weekend!

31 10 2011

The weekend was amazing. Paintball hands down was the best thing. We woke up on Saturday morning at 6am left the house at 730am arrived at Paintball Invasion in New Jersey at 930am (even though it was raining/ snowing we played indoors). We won a little more than half of all the games we played. My friend that came over is in the air force so he was going commando in ever game. Playing two on two was deff. the best.

Mostly got shot in the thigh and once in the heart and the back

Many of the players over there showed NO MERCY to anyone. If one player is left they would rush behind him and shoot at his back more than three times each. OUCH .
We left the place at 5ish and went home at 7.
When we arrived the others in the house were playing Cranium so we joined My team won. After that we tried to figure out what to do so we did Karaoke. It was weird because many people did not know when to say the words. But fun. After that we watched Devil and it was good but the ending was not the greatest. We fell asleep at about three o’clock.
The next day we woke up at twelve and went to brooklyn. We went to a flea market which was very cool but the prices were a bit too high.After that we got hungry and went to five guys (Bobby Flays restaurant). This took about 30 minutes even more to get to since we had to go across the Brooklyn bridge entrance and there was a protest. They stopped the traffic!!! Guess what we started honking and making beats with the horn until we just made a u-turn in front of the cops over the footpath. Different experience.


Next we went to Chocolate room which was across the street. I had a Madagascar Vanilla Bean ice cream with Strawberry Flavor with Walnuts. YUMMMMMMMMMM.

The greater it is the faster it finishes

Okay so i guess that sums up the great weekend cant wait for next time.




10 responses

31 10 2011

fun stuff!

31 10 2011
The Hook

Sounds like an AWESOME time was had by all! Good times!

31 10 2011

Wish I’d been there 😦

1 11 2011

Oh the good ones never last — the ice cream I mean.

1 11 2011

haha yeah so true

5 11 2011

Madagascar Vanilla Bean ice cream with Strawberry Flavor with Walnuts// i wana have it too 😦

10 11 2011

I live in Santa Cruz CA where everyone wears clothes that look like they lost in paintball.

11 11 2011

lol we were glad to bring some extra clothing or else the car would be trash.

15 11 2011
the island traveler

Paint ball… Need to try that. Does it hurt? As for five guys, like the burger chain cause I think their burgers are awesomely delicious. The desert looks like something I can eat twice. Should I be worried with the calories? Cool post!

15 11 2011

Paint ball was fun . It doesn’t hurt that much lets say one hit in the chest hurt for 2 minutes. The worst is in the legs. Calories lol I guess so I don’t usually read those things, Eva does.

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