28 10 2011

SO my parents are not home they went to Hajj yesterday. I have been trying to make plans what to do and finnally came up with PAINTBALLING over SixFlags fright fest. My friends coming over from Georgia tommorrow and hes going to sleep over my place. Then Saturday we will go to Jersey to Paint ball. And Sunday hes leaving so we will make a video. Sounds like fun to me. Oh yeah im going to be making a lot of videos from now till Thanksgiving so be on the look out.





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28 10 2011

i went painballling a few times and it’s great .. just remember to put on some goggles 😛

28 10 2011

yup i went last time me my bro vs my parents heheh headshots all the time

28 10 2011
The Hook

Have fun! Kick some paintball ass!

31 10 2011
NZ Diaz

why don’t you go with them?
*i always wanted to play paint balls. 🙂

31 10 2011

I wanted to but times are tough ….n paintball is really fun w yr friends .

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