27 10 2011

Wow i opened my email one day and i saw that Youtube has sent me a email that I can make money off ads that are on my videos. Great now i need to start making videos. Can’t wait i made $.01 so far :).




6 responses

27 10 2011

goody to shoes!!!

28 10 2011
The Hook

Good luck, my friend!

31 10 2011

Is that an invitation to Youtube Partner?

1 11 2011

yeah something like adsense by google

1 11 2011

Congratulations! I thought you have to get at least a hundred views to avail that. Guess I was wrong.

PS: I just saw your ad when I viewed your economics project XD

1 11 2011

thnx mand .
P.S. i love seeing the ads on my videos lol

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