3 09 2011

Ok so in front of our “Beautiful” D.D there’s a Getty gas station unfortunately.
Why so unfortunately you say I’ll tell you:
1. Dumb questions
2. Maddd heads
3. No tip
4. People want food
5. Ask for change
6. Buy something small for change

Yes all of these things annoy me I will explain each number from least to greatest in hatred.

6) No tip- Least hated thing that comes from the Gas stations because simply I am not a “tip man”. Yes there was a “tip man” i call him that because he would compliment anyone to get a tip. Example, Old lady walks in …. buys something….. asks for senior citizen discount ( Trivia : we don’t even have a discount for employees, but did for cops until I guess they went on a diet) ………… and he would say but you don’t look like a senior …. old lady gets happy forgets to save that 10% on $1.73 which is 20ish cents(anyone that wants to prove me wrong go ahead) and BAM a dollar for the “tip man”. Yeah yeah ppl get upset sometimes like hes just trying to take our money but they scold him and leave (especially the young girls). No tip from customers getting gas because they think gas is somehow connected to D.D and they give him the tip -___-.
5) People want food- Yes many of the ppl who are filling their car/trucks want food to eat while waiting so decide make one person in the car get gas while the other hurry’s and gets food. Its like their trying to break a record. I m making their sandwiches and all you can see is the customer is turning his head around every five seconds (which is a Que HURRY UP) .The customers are rude and try to cut the line a lot.
4) Madd heads- Is a phrase I made up means “A lot of people” (get it, oh well). Which happens when people want food and there are only two people working in the evening shift the store gets kind of cramped. People nodding heads at the person in front of him/her giving dirty looks and what not.
3) Ask for change- Since there’s a gas station there’s a air pump. And it takes like I think it take $.75 I wouldn’t be surprised if it went up to a dollar. Ppl coming in and the line gets long so we have to quicken the line and then the next customer wants 4 quarters, which slows the line and makes us just waste our time speeding everything up. Or which annoys me the most their cutting the line like their car is gonna fly away without air.
2) Buy something small for change- These big guys with fancy sunglasses which they don’t take off in the store ask for a small coffee and gives a hundred and says he doesn’t have change. First, a small coffee is $1.73 with taxes and all that so his change would be like bah bah a lot ok, and if we give the change and the money turns out fake guess what the ppl working during that shift has to pay from their own pocket. So we say the gas guy has change sorry.
1) Dumb questions- this goes 10 on the scale or math wise Hate<Dumb questions I think . Any ways the gas station guy comes in and out of D.D and the place is full service you can't even touch the nozzle without the guy seeing you. He goes on break a lot many ppl come in and ask "Is there any gas?" L I K E C' M O N W E S E L L donuts and coffee not gas. Some ppl also ask if they pas for the gas in D.D like there's a promotion "BUY $20 WORTH OF GAS AND GET A FREE DONUT" on the window.

I have to end it here or I wont have enough tolerance for tomorrow and one more dumb question this ones funny
"Do you charge to toast bagels?"
Answer : NO




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3 09 2011


14 09 2011
The Hook

Ah, the joys of the service industry….

16 09 2011

Gotta love it

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