New YouTube channel???

5 08 2011

Hey guys I just wanted to let you know I will be making a new YouTube channel called Times-up productions and it will be about videos on Islam and modern day problems. We started this because other videos are a waste of time if they are for no purpose, so we started to make religious short films. Hopefully we have something going by this fall but I also have a “Rough Draft” video. I did not edit this one my friend did but we will redo this and then I will edit and be camera man. Hope you enjoy please leave your comments. 🙂

remember we are making this over…




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5 08 2011
Jackie Paulson Author

Honest opinion, it does not keep my attention, it’s just phone calls.

5 08 2011

hmmm maybe i need to change that ok thanks a lot for your suggestions 🙂

8 08 2011

this was a great video…and i don’t think that its just phone calls, you displayed things like avoiding prayer time, getting to involved with ‘worldy’ pleasures…i think your message is deeper…like distraction, of any kind. There is also the issue of ‘trying to ignore’ the fact that you might die the next moment and then you cant reverse whats done, or in this case, whats not done. Great video. It actually teaches a lot. Thanks for making it!!!

your vid’s are always worth watching!!!

11 08 2011

thanks bro

11 10 2011

I have to agree with Jackie. I don’t get the story. Keep em coming though.

PS: I’m so jealous you’re making short films.

PPS: You should fix the lighting in the room though. Its pretty dark.

11 10 2011

thanks Ben and Ill try to keep em coming i know i should have told the story since its from an Islamic point of view. Isha is a prayer at night and the kid didnt want to go and started making excuses and the last scene the kid dies , just to show how tommorrow never comes.hope hat clears it up

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