Happy Ramadan Too All…

5 08 2011

Yes its been a long time since I have wrote a post or even commented on any ones. There have been a lot of surprises within the few weeks I’ve left the “blogging world”. My sister Eva626 has DELETED her blog. Yes its very shocking to hear but she told me after I tried to go onto it and it did not open. Now she just comments on other blogs.
Let me get to what I really wanted to type about.
Ramadan has started the month of forgiveness, sacrifice, blessings, and rightful deeds. In this month I will be posting a saying of the blessed Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) if I manage to write a post. In the month of Ramadan we fast, do extra prayers, commit our selves to only worship, and ask for forgiveness.
I’am going to do some FAQ on some of these topics:

1. Whats fasting? And how long do you have to fast?

Fasting is not eating or drinking for a certain period of time. And fasting is not just that you do not eat you also have to be obedient, like not doing what you usually do and not committing sins. Since the devil is locked away during this month the only force pushing you to commit sins is yourself. We fast from Sunrise to Sunset. The timing right now is from 4:31 am to 8:08pm. Of course the timings change by location.

FAQ from Fasting throughout school.

2. Why can you just “cheat”? Like eat in the bathroom.

If I do that physically nobody can see me, but God can and that would only cheating your self.

3. You cannot drink water?

Yes we cannot as crazy it might seem but it would not be called fasting if we did.

4. How long do you guys fast for?

Thirty or twenty nine days.

Well these are the most i could remember on the top of my head if you have any questions feel free to ask. I will add them to my FAQ’s

Ohh yeah Happy Ramadan Everyone




2 responses

8 08 2011

Ramadan Kareem Fox@n! and great post…I think it is great that you are informing others about this blessed month. You should add a link to another site that answers more questions and explains a bit further.

11 08 2011

You too

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