home sweet home???

12 07 2011

Wow what a trip we had . And i hvent got a chance to write a post untill now. I know you haveut een told by Ev about the trip. But i’ll ell u anyways . we went to poconos i Pa, by ccar. It was a okay car ride , it could have been better if I had enough slep the night before. But many beautiful pictures were taken.
List of what cool things we did.
1:Pool ( because it was to late to do anything ls)

2: If i’am not mistaken Red Lobster

3: waterpark

4: Paintballing (I dont even know if thtas how your supose to say it , but non the less it was a bast)

5: Canoeing

6: buffet (not capitalized because it was not the best)

7:Country breakfast


(P.S all the pictures arent on b?/c the gallery gives me a headache)

(another P.S. this was done by my new ASUS eee pad transformer :] enoji)

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5 responses

12 07 2011
The Hook

Looks like fun!

14 07 2011
Jackie Paulson Author

I wish I was there. Look at the gas prices, ugh.

15 07 2011

yeah here in ny its like 4 ish

8 08 2011

BEST vacation EVER!!

11 08 2011

Cant wait to go to Pakistan I would be snapping pictures like crazy

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