Something Mentally maybe….

19 06 2011

Wow just a few things to say before the real post. Father happy fathers day. And serendipity is better than Max Berner by a mile. And I have a few pictures from the trip and from the place itself.
The “Real” post:
Something inside of me always makes me think, What is the worst thing that can happen to me right now. Every single movement or action I do leads me to a What is the worst thing that can happen to me right now thing.
Some examples,
Driving on the bridge: What if a car hits me and I fall off the bridge or vice versa
Jumping a few stairs: What if I miss the last stair and slip backwards
With my camera: What if I drop it or it falls out of my hand
Moving furniture: What if I drop it
On a roller coaster: What if this just stops and I have to walk down
Like those kind of things always come into my head. Now I m wondering is it me or is it natural?




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19 06 2011

your paranoid…stop being scared and face your fears…the stairs dont bite

20 06 2011

that is if there is a staple in it

23 06 2011

so…wear shoes lol

28 06 2011

Wow, your photos are nice. In pic white thing, I dont know what it is???

7 07 2011
Habiba Younis

seems like you are going through a tough phase, kind of when you feel raw mentally. it happens with everyone at one time or the other, natural.

10 07 2011

i think you recently saw final destination and its growing on you…its just a phase:) will pass shortly

12 07 2011

Idk b/C i havnt watched it in a while

12 07 2011


8 08 2011

LOL @asma!!!


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