Learn to Grow UP!

12 06 2011

So today I have another D.D story.
First off my shift was from 8-2pm and I did not have any sleep. When I arrived at D.D the employees always ask are you tired. (Tired of working there .. of course ). The time was around 11am and this short lady came in and started a huge commotion. Why you say? Ill tell you.

A customer spilled coffee all over the floor near the counter and one of the workers went to clean the mess. She said to everyone “Escuse me can you move over?” The short lady did not hear or listen. So she once again said “Can you move over?” BOOM! She exploded.From Google images

She went off she said “You can’t say excuse me? You have no manners…….blah blah blah ….. learn English” And one of the customers nest to her , a Russian lady, said “Can you shut up?” BOOM! Again she exploded. “Why you telling me to shut up…… blah blah blah…. *%&$#….. now I’am not going to shut up!”

And from that time for about 20-25 minutes she did not shut up. She just kept screaming and screaming. Fortunately the Area manager was there as every Saturday. She started to tell her to leave and stop screaming. She called the police and then the lady left. She started to back up from the parking spot and then pulled in again and waited outside for a long time. Then the area manager called the owner of the vehicle and he was a postman and he got into this for no reason. Now everyone went BOOM! Everyone went off the short lady was saying the employee touched her other customers got involved then she left to pick up her child. Thank God , she was giving me a headache.

And That passed the time and I arrived home. And off to work again tomorrow.




6 responses

12 06 2011

LOL you should open up your own DD lol

13 06 2011


12 06 2011

Thanks for your story at DD. (^______________^). Its interesting. I like title.

7 07 2011
Habiba Younis

hahahaha quite a burst out!

8 08 2011

we NEED more DD stories!!!

11 08 2011

D.D is getting really boring . to tell you the truth

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