“Can I use the bathroom?”

11 06 2011

Ok this post is serious, something that is much more important than all my other post. (except the Illuminati ones) I work in Dunkin Donuts if you still do not know, and the law says that if you do not have chairs for the customers you do not need a public bathroom. Since we do not have any chairs we cannot give ANYONE and i say ANYONE the bathroom , since its only for employees. Many have tried and only a few have entered and when they did enter they make a mess so that limits any other customers to use the employee bathroom.

This is some of the situation that many of the customers have used (so far):

  • I’ve been driving for hours”
  • “I take water pills”
  • “Please let my mom go”
  • “Please open the bathroom for my child”
  • “I’ll buy something”
  • “I’am a customer”
Now these are some of the reactions to “Sorry we do not have a public bathroom” or as the manager says “NO!”
  • Where do you guys go?”
  • “Jesus Christ man!”
  • “I’am never coming to this dunkin donuts again”
  • “How do you not have a bathroom”
  • “I’am calling the police”
  • “Wow *%*#@ ridiculous”
When we reject someone that person just gets out of control. They think its the end of the world and do things that you would never think anyone would do.
. A women was told that we would open the door and that day we were busy. When one of the workers was going to open the door he saw the lady using he bathroom right in front of the door. Fortunately I was not working. That guy had to clean it. (YUCK).
Another instance was a very built man came in and ask for the bathroom and I said no. He left and came back after a couple of minutes. He leaned over the counter and took out his FBI badge and asked “Can I use the bathroom?” I said sorry sir we are not allowed to give it out. He said “Jesus Christ what does a guy have to do to use the Bathroom?”
People have called the police and nothing would have happened. People would treaten the workers to open the door.
This Bathroom business is going out of hand . We only let old ladies use the bathroom or regular customers.
This is somthing I found in the D.D bathroom.



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11 06 2011


11 06 2011
Lets vomit together | herenownotforever

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11 06 2011

LMAO big time! I’ve always wondered about bathroom issues at certain public places and now I know why. No chairs = No way. I live in California and I once saw a transient defecating on Hollywood Blvd. I guess he got nixed at the D.D.

11 06 2011

yeah a lot of people do not know that and go crazy on the workers …. smh

11 06 2011

this was so funny!

13 06 2011

HAHAHAHA! love this post. 😆

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