my dream ?

5 06 2011

I woke up and remembered my dream it was in the present day and i was outside with my parents.I look up into the sky and see the moon, very small and far away, moving very fast. Then it took some weird turns and movements and turned into a rat and came straight for me i punched it and it landed next to a nearby car. It became bigger every time I did so. I ran inside the house and locked the door. I went into the first floor. Three guys were in our backyard trying to get in (It felt like the end of the world). The backyard door was broken and couldn’t get locked(which was in my dream several times). I said they can get it its okay but they have to fix the door. I stepped outside and I saw many hawks on the floor dead. And the grass was burned. We went inside and started to talk about what was going on. And I brought up the idea for them to convert. Then we skipped scenes me and my brother were in a van and it was very dark we had metal poles and things to hit something. and we were building barriers on the doors, like we were playing Call Of Duty Zombies. We were waiting and then my eyes opened.




4 responses

5 06 2011

too much time pass. seems like your too into video games and tv

7 06 2011

actually you know i dont play games anymore only working out and basketball

7 06 2011

yea ok

8 06 2011

your thinking about inception.

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