12 05 2011

I think the most important thing needed when doing something is inspiration. I need inspiration in taking pics and videos. I need an inspired crew of actors to help me.

The second thing is motivation. I put that video on Facebook and people want to be in it. I cannot wait to make a new video. I title it “Deception”. And yes I kinda got it from “Inception” but nothing close to it. Hope it comes out well. I still need to write the script. Where’s inspiration when you need it?




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12 05 2011

It is there when you are ready to seek it.

Good Luck!

12 05 2011

true true

12 05 2011

very nice…i cant wait to see it…but first you should finish the other one…and good luck

12 05 2011

Thanks Yeah if they want to do it

27 05 2011

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27 05 2011

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31 05 2011
The Hook

Where would we be without inspiration and motivation, right? Good work!

7 07 2011
Habiba Younis

dont know about others but my inspiration comes from books or music for that case

15 07 2011
Jackie Paulson Author

I love to be inspired by the books that I read, but you are gifted at photo’s for sure.

17 07 2011

thanks you very much

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