23 03 2011

Spring is here yeah ……… well i guess it was here not anymore since N.Y got hit with snow, hail, and rain today. Burrrrrr its cold. I do not think there are any seasons anymore since the weathers is like all jumbled up sometimes its really hot and sometimes its really cold. Anyways we all find ways to enjoy any weather so enjoy while it last. 😀




3 responses

24 03 2011

posted perfectly…great stuff! “they are jumbled up” lol

25 03 2011

I hate hail. It’s so terrible…Hail and storm…oh no, harvest is so bad. Perhaps I like rainy days. I usually stand behind the window ang look at outdoor. Now and then, I hold umbrella and go to manga shop. But it’s so hot in the summer. At that time, I prayed for raining. ( . ____ . )

25 03 2011

yeah and it hurts lol

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