22 03 2011

Cellphones are used all over the world and as we speak. Even I’am using my cell phone as I type. We use cellphones to exchange thoughts, greet people, have long conversation, check statuses, make statuses, and pretty much do anything with this fascinating device which has changed the whole world. Cellphones are probably the most used source of communication.
We can say things though text messages that we cannot do verbally. We can talk to people across the world sitting in our room or office without getting up. But this post came to my mind because people (relatives) who live in the same country shouldn’t use cellphones, But should go to each others house and talk and increase time with each others family and get closer to them. Cellphones really make our lives easier , so on my behalf i thank whom ever made this thanks 😀
Sorry fro not posting very busy nowadays




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22 03 2011

it is useful for playing games on it too…lol

22 03 2011

tell me about it

2 04 2011

This phone is a great deal. The Webos is very intuitive. The phone has a solid feel. The web browsing is the best I have seen in a smartphone and it doesn’t even have flash. Has a few good free popular apps. It can be a little cumbersome when using the keyboard to type. I also wish the usb/power connector could at the bottom of the phone instead of on the side.

2 04 2011

Yeah but I do not like using the internet on the phone its too small and when i try to click something your finger (in general) touch’s something els. thanks for commenting
Yeah i also wish its on the bottom some phone have that but some do not.

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