17 03 2011

Symbols are used all around us from books to video games and cartoons. Everyone who uses symbols in any one of these, books to video games, try to convey a message. I was playing Call Of Duty Black ops for PS3 today after a long time and saw on one of the T.V’s there was the symbol of the pyramid with the eye on top of it. While I was reading stories for English class the author use a lot of symbolism in their works. Even if they use a certain color code in movies for the costumes the director or set director used those colors for a reason.
These things can really help you with your readings, it can make a boring book or story into an interesting one. Symbols are very interesting especially if you make one up or do research on another that you have found.




4 responses

17 03 2011

Mcdonald’s symbol is the M red and golden arches…these colors are meant to make you hungry…

21 03 2011

kool i never knew that

22 03 2011

I like the Sony PSP symbol XD it makes me happy without a reason

22 03 2011

yeh me too did you hear of the new psp ngp its touch screen and motion censored on the back of it with two cameras on in the front and one on the back awesome.

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