15 03 2011

A lot of people in my college have habits that aren’t so bad or good ones. Lets list them shall we.
1.Smokers- A lot of these, smoke even smoke inside the buildings if its raining. It comes into everyones face.
2.Handicap button- Theres a button on one door entrance in each building and it opens the door for you. I think thats a sign of laziness. But I use it when my hands are full other than that when its too cold to take my hands out of my pocket.
3.Bad drivers-There are many bad drivers in my college. Everyones in a hurry, like the worlds going to end. In the rush hour all you can hear is car horns.
4.Facebook-A lot of people that use the computers in the library use computers for Facebook. Whenever I need to print something out for a class there are no computers and all I can see is mostly everyone on Facebook or watching something on the internet.

There are a lot of things people in my neighborhood do that is very annoying. Here’s a list, I don’t think I will be able to finish it.
1.Parking-Everyone parks the wrong way. People leave gaps in between other cars and that leaves no space for anyone else. Some people also put huge wagons in back of there trucks. SMH
2.Snow-When there was snow in Jan everyone placed objects in there parking spots. Some people used chairs, iron boards, cones, and garbage pales. Some don’t even move the snow.
3.Garbage-Many neighbors do not tie there trash, and this causes garbage to go everywhere.
I will stop here because my eye lids can not hold themselves up.




4 responses

15 03 2011

aw i hate smokers ><

15 03 2011

Yeh I dont hate hate but when it come in my face i hate it

16 03 2011

In my Country, almost people often use motobikes. I like it but I sometimes use. I usually stay at home. So sad. Thanks for ur list.

16 03 2011

Cool over here there are more cars than motorbikes because its dangerous

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