12 03 2011

The tsunami that hit Japan today was devastating. It did not matter how prepared Japan was for this because you cannot hide from natural disasters. It does not matter how well prepared or how well your technology against anything like this because nothing can compare to God’s power. Just like when NASA made the challenger. What happened it challenged God and it did not even make it out of the atmosphere. I was watching CNN and some womens husband was a worker in the power plants and she called up to find about her husband. I think by her calling would make all the other people in Japan and all over the world waiting for their love ones would be thinking only this women is getting attention. And she is American so they said they would send someone out to get him. All prayers to Japan and other countries affected by this natural disaster. And God help them through this and get fully restored quickly.




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12 03 2011
The Hook

A little prayer never hurts, does it?

12 03 2011

No Never hurts at all. 😀

12 03 2011

i dont understand this…

12 03 2011

ok …. Ill edit it.

13 03 2011

I watched on Tv… Japen…Pray for people of Japen. Ah, hey you. Ur Avatar!!!! It’s Songoku. isn’t it??? I had read manga “Dragon Ball”. I like Songoku, Songohan, Chi chi. Wow, it’s very good.

13 03 2011

Yeah its actually the fusion of Goku and Vegeta I love the show.

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