Good eats….

11 03 2011

Halal food. Halal food is very different than food thats not. Food thats not is McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, ETC…. All places that do not say halal. Halal actually is Meat that does not go thru the slaughter houses. The animals are hand cut, a slice thru the throat and this makes it Hygienic meat. They also receive a few verses from the Quran. Halal is very healthy. 1. You know what is meat and not bits of meat from different animals mushed together. 2. The meat is clean because instead of machines the meat is cut by hand. 3. Less torture to the animal.
Halal is the way to go healthy eating.




2 responses

11 03 2011

well said!!! in NON HALAL meat the blood and its germs are still present in the animal..and sometimes you can see the animals head chopped off and they are running around without a head in pain!!!! poor animals and poor anyone who eats non halal meat…very dirty stuff!!!

11 03 2011

Yeh true that ^^

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