Bumper Sticker?……

2 03 2011

Okay so I was headed off to work on Tuesday in our commercial van. I turned on the radio when I was half way there and it was on 101.5 , a Talk show. They were taking calls about this teacher ,charter school teacher , that had a bumper sticker on her car that said “Have you drugged your child today?”.

So she was asked to remove the sticker to park in the schools parking lot or park outside. Instead of choosing any of the two she decided to keep it on and park in the school parking lot. She was fired for doing this. This is w here the talk show comes in . They were asking the listeners if this was right or not? Allot of people called and said “It was not right for the school to fire her because its her freedom of speech”. But really we do not have complete freedom in this country. Especially since she is a teacher she should know there would be consequences for this action. But even given a choice before she was fired she decided not to use it and was fired. The talk show host stated ” We do not have complete freedom of speech in this country and there are consequences”. I agree to this point. I think the real reason for her being fired is that she was a teacher and had this bumper sticker on her car , if she had a job that has a low moral to it. I believe she wouldn’t have gotten fired. What are your thoughts about this? Freedom of speech …….. Or it was the right thing for her to get fired?




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2 03 2011

Good thing she got fired!…it seemed like she was asking for trouble or wanted to get fired/fame….teachers are supposed to represent someone who motivates kids…and if her bumper sticker is trying to prove a point that is not against our youngsters’ future than I’m sure it will be discussed in court and her point will be clear… anyway she should have just parked elsewhere…maybe she wanted trouble! lol

2 03 2011

hey buddy..you forgot to subscribe to my blog!!!…do it back fox@n

3 03 2011

Lol I did it……

3 03 2011
3 03 2011

Thanks I wanted to put a post up write when I heard this but You know work always come in the way…thanks anyway

4 03 2011
The Hook

Thanks for sharing this story. Good work!

5 03 2011

No Problemo mi amigo . thanks

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