No Trust…..

1 03 2011

You CANNOT trust everything in this world and everyone. I was looking on and found a New Regional Online Recruiter job were you had to post ads for these people and make 100$ commission. So i Googled it. What came up SCAM SCAM SCAM. Google is one reliable website you can find out who is who and what is what. So now I cant rely on craigslist anymore either. Another website that isn’t reliable is Wikipedia , even the professors say it. I know there’s many more but those are some I ran across in the last 2 hours. Anyways what websites are fake or scam that you had found out? Better to be on the safe side, right?




5 responses

1 03 2011

scam…i know one…its
hahaha jk, they are usually the ones that say you get something free and then new windows keep opening up. they just want your info…

1 03 2011

hahhahah funny yeh wen I was researching this it said when you cash their checks it would be fake so if you spend the money or if it bounces you would have to pay.

1 03 2011

wow.i knew it couldnt be that easy to get $100 for doing nothing

2 03 2011

lol did you try it?

2 03 2011

nah not dumb to waste money ahah

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