28 02 2011

I found a present it is amazing. Exactly what he wanted but he cant even suspect it. I figured out the perfect gift in computer science class and right away bought it. Now I have to try to keep it in my stomach until it comes in the mail. Then surprise !!. Now I have to get a action figure for my other brothers birthday … Have any ideas??




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28 02 2011
The Hook

I guess it depends on just what genre your brother likes – superheroes, Star Wars, etc. Good luck!

1 03 2011

Hes always switching his likes from time to time now its superheros… any ideas?

1 03 2011

umm..way to tell the whole world kido! haha

1 03 2011

hahah Thats a surprise 🙂

1 03 2011

cant you get him a voucher for somewhere that sells them? so he can pick?

1 03 2011

I would get him one but he knows all the stores and he checks the reviews on youtube so I just wanted some ideas cause idk which ones better. Maybe a gift card would do?

1 03 2011

lol.i cant wait

5 03 2011

These gifts often surprises others. I like to get something useful in my life.

6 03 2011

yeh me too I think i got hime somthing useful i hope 😀

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