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28 02 2011

If you look at it mostly everyone has a Facebook. Does Facebook really connect you to who you know? Al lot of people have Facebook , not only children and teenagers but adults as well. Al lot of the user just add random people to their friends list even thought they don’t know each other in person. Their probably your friend’s friend or maybe even your friend’s friend’s friend. Most of the people I have are those who I know in person that’s why I only have almost up to 200 , but other people on Facebook have close to 500 . Is Facebook there just to add people and see who has the more friends or is it their to give our information out? I know when I post something on Facebook people who I don’t even know reply. What do you think is Facbook to connect or just a trend that is going to be taken over by something else in the years?




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28 02 2011

Wow, I’m impressed that you have 200 around you…………..that will dwindle over time…

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28 02 2011

Yeh I think its already dwindling. I only talk to like about 15 People on it.

28 02 2011

facebook keeps trying to connect me to an old schoolteacher and an ex boyfriends new girlfriend. both are thanks facebook!

1 03 2011

yeh lol that s what Facebook does it connects you to people who you don’t want to see anymore and they keep bugging you so you can add them.

28 02 2011
The Hook

I don’t think it’s going anywhere soon. Personally, I don’t have the time, although everyone, businesses included, seems to be on Facebook these days.

1 03 2011

yeh my teacher post hw on twitter …..

1 03 2011

lol wow

1 03 2011

i agree

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