Whats up with that?

22 02 2011

Whats up with all the hatred in the world… I mean like c’mon a few months ago (honestly i dont know how long ago this was) This guy from florida annonced “burn the quran day” …….really if you read these articles every comment was against this and what happened at the end?? He didnt even burn one holy Quran……. And one more thing happend on facebook they use facebook to send their message because its easy and fast .. you can make an ad about anything on facebook and people will like it because their friends like it .some guy made a page draw Muhammad peace be upon him day… You know what happend nothing every muslim country blocked that website and the owner of facebook said that isnt allowed to write about others religion…… C’mon a free country we need rights we should not be able to be hated on us muslims should do like a protest everyday if something like this happens ………why are cartoons allowed to draw Muhammad peace be upon him and not get stopped to doing so? I believe this stuff sould be stopped i mean you cant hate a religion but you can hate the person that did that thing (9/11) … if they even know who did it……




4 responses

23 02 2011

think, type, read, grammer check, reread, spell check…thats a good post!

23 02 2011

okay thnks i didnt have time

24 02 2011

excellent post man…but if you want to get your message across…..you need to follow the steps that suf told you…read..grammar ….spelling…and i forgot the rest but excellent post…i totally agree with your magnificent thoughts and ideas … MASHALLAH…

24 02 2011

I will take that advice my friend

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