Just Imagine

22 02 2011

Imagine if you were a superhero……… Maybe this is the question of all time……….which would you be ….maybe superman but he can die and he does..batman? spiderman would be fun …….how about a villain ….. venom would be awesome and sandman ……..what about you?
Sorry for no post in the few days just a bit busy..




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23 02 2011
The Hook

That’s a great question to pose. Good work!

24 02 2011

Thanks i dont know what superhero i would be? there all so good but all have a weakness , i guess ill just be me lol

24 02 2011

YOU KNOW, being a marvel and dc fan myself…it’s harder than you thing man..
For Marvel..it will have to be be GHOST RIDER..i mean who doesn’t love a dude who can turn into fire and has a fire bike and an epic enchanted chain.

24 02 2011

For a marvel villain..it would have to be galactus…he has a lot of epic powers

24 02 2011

For dc …. i would be you know who…(my user-name from the epic website called Herenownotforever.com.)
The villain would have to be ….ummm……thats a hard one…. sorry!
p.s-sorry for saying the word EPIC too much in my posts

24 02 2011

I liked batman better than marvedc

1 03 2011


2 03 2011

I see you decided to join the blogging world lol … thnks for commenting.

2 03 2011

^^^^ obvious because you always say “imagine if I was spiderman I would be so cool….etc”

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