What are we living for?

23 11 2012

We live in a world that is controlled by a few people. Your might be thinking “Another conspiracy post” , No I am writing this post for all these event that have been going on for the past weeks. In these past weeks we have been hearing the weirdest and the worst types of news one can hear.

Lets start with the situation in Gaza, Palestine. Why are innocent people being oppressed? Why are these people being killing without any acknowledgement? Most people don’t even know what is going on in Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Burma, Pakistan, and every other oppressed nation on this planet. I was listening to the news about the attacks in Israel and this is nothing compared to what is happening on the other side. Palestinians are being murdered, raped, looted, humiliated, torn away from their own families and children are being killed in such a manner that they cannot be identified. Why doesn’t the world know about this? Why doesn’t anyone stop this genocide? Why is Israel not stopped? What is this not an act of terror?

As a Muslims we must make Dua’ for the Muslims being oppressed and killed.

The Prophet S.A.W. said A day will come when nations will ask other nations for help, like when a poor man raises his empty bowl out for food. One day my nation will be so degraded that we will not help each other.

His companions asked That will only happen when we will be few in number

The Prophet S.A.W. said No you will be many many…But you will be like the Floating froth on top of water.

So how can we help these people that are being oppressed? We can make Dua’ , Send money, Spread awareness but the if you cannot do any of these Dua’ is the most powerful tool a believer has.

Same goes with what is happening in Syria.

Last thing I would like to talk about is the new Homosexual masjid that is opening in France on November 30th. What is this? This is pure humiliation that a mosque is being made for homosexuals even though it is strictly forbidden in Islam and in the other Major Religions.

After hearing about these events going on in the world I can say we live in a strange and cruel world. Yes these are signs of the Last day so we all should return to Allah and Repent for his forgiveness. When the hour comes the doors of repentance will be over. Nothing can save you then.



Pray for those being Oppressed.

Yah Allah help those being Oppressed. Ameen

Yah Allah forgive our sins. Ameen

Yah Allah destroy those Oppressors. Ameen

Yah Allah guide us all before it is too late to be guided. Ameen

اسلم و عليكم (May peace be upon you)


Its been a long time …

21 10 2012

Hey my fellow bloggers… I should not consider myself a blogger because I haven’t written a post in a really long time.

My sister however keeps telling me to write one so here it is.

Yeah I really don’t know what to write about. Same old things going on in my life. I’m back in Saudi Arabia if you guys didn’t already notice that. I tweet more than anything else.

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Yeah so I got off topic…Where was I, Oh yeah my life. I’m back to the Saudi Life Style again.

One thing that is new is I am going for Hajj in about two days. It’s a one in a life time experience.

Moving on. I still make videos on YouTube . I am trying to get a English tutoring job. Let us see how that turns out. Yeah this post is not much of what you probably expected but hey its a start.

Okay guys I am really hungry I have to run to the store for some noodles. Have a good day.

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25 07 2012

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Home Sweet Home…

9 06 2012

Hey whats up guys. I’m enjoying my great vacation with my family. Planing to  go paintballing with my friends on the 28th. Its going to be fun fun fun. My mom left to pakistan for a week 😦

Meaning I have to eat Eva’s Food. Anyways I have tried to make vlogs over here but my battery died twice in the process. 

But I helped my friends with a video project you can check it out over here.


Alright guys gotta go their watching “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” Which is the longest title ever.

Way back to New York!!!

8 05 2012

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Leaving WordPress???

1 04 2012

Hey guys I haven’t wrote a blogs in sooooo long. Maybe thats why my spelling is very off. Anyways I have discovered the magic of Vlogs. Now i’am going to be doing full time Vlogs and no more wordpress.

At first I was kinda nervous on the camera alone and felt like a freak now I’am so used to it. Or maybe I have became into a FREAK!!!!

Anyways I found out that I’m Batman.

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25 02 2012

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